Learn about our awesome team of composers and producers.


Danny McIntyre

Between establishing himself as an award-winning television and video game composer/producer and associate professor at Berklee College of Music, Danny McIntyre has turned his desire to tell stories through music into a career.

After jamming with so many amazingly talented students at Berklee College of Music, he decided to join forces with the best of the best to create the best sounding music available anywhere. That's how Droid Mafia was born

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Martin Gonzalez

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Martin started studying music at a very early age and fell in love with the art of composing and playing guitar. He decided to study Contemporary Music and earned his first degree when he was 18 years old.
Not long after, he moved to Boston, MA where he’s currently making music for a living after earning a bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Writing & Production with a Minor in Writing Music for TV & Video Games at Berklee College of Music.

Martin had the pleasure of working as producer for the metal bands 'Ok Goodnight' & 'Atomic Guava'; as well as composer for 'RWBY' (American Anime TV Show) and some Indie games like 'Where The Stars Brought Us' & 'League of Legends' (Five Vectors).


Jonathon Hatton

Jonathan Hatton is a classical trained pianist who has progressed into music composition and production. With a passion for music from a young age his ear has naturally been his greatest asset. In 2019 he graduated from Berklee College of Music with a double major in Contemporary Writing and Production, and Songwriting. During his time in college he was exposed to a wide variety of composition opportunities such as writing for big band, orchestra, and vocal ensemble. In addition to compositional techniques Jonathan was equally versed into music production in school. During his time college is where he was introduced to electronic dance music and started composing it himself. His electronic compositions usually fall under the genres of Psytrance and Dubstep with his sound taking influence from punk and metal.

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Cooper Hyde

Cooper Hyde is a composer, producer, and guitarist from Northern New Jersey with a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production from The Berklee College of Music. Cooper prides himself in being a proficient composer in a wide range of styles, from orchestral music to contemporary electronic tracks. As a guitarist, he loves to write and produce music that features the guitar and finds creative ways to incorporate the instrument into most of his work. His deep breadth of influences across many genres helps keep his work consistently engaging and musically fresh.

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Chris Kross

Christopher (Chris) Kross was born in Aruba on September 27th 1995. From an early age, his love for music was manifested while singing and playing on everything that could resonate a sound or rhythm. He began to study music since he was five years old, kicking off with a recorder and afterwards he took piano lessons. It was in 2009 when he received an electric guitar as a gift from his father after mastering the ‘Guitar Hero’ videogame, presuming that it was time to conquer the instrument in the real world. Chris started taking multiple guitar lessons and quickly developed his skill and musical knowledge while writing and arranging his own compositions. Whenever he started playing ‘this here guitar’ (as George Benson sings it on the hit track ‘On Broadway’), his technique would impress many and he began receiving attention from local and international musicians. In 2012, he formed his first band ‘On Set’ and performed in many shows and music festivals in Aruba, including the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, where he was invited to perform consecutively from 2011 to 2015). Chris has also played on international stages with gigs in Curaçao, Bonaire, South Carolina, Miami and New York, Boston, Spain. Later on he formed part of the 4-member band Fuente, which released an album in 2015. His musical influences are Miles Davis, Mike Stern, Alejandro Sanz, Toto, among others. His favorite music genres are Jazz, R&B, Funk, Timba, Latin Jazz and Bossa Nova. Considering his young age, you may also catch him playing any contemporary music. Presently, Chris Graduated at Berklee College of Music studying Performance and Contemporary Writing & Production.


Gaia Leone

Born and raised in Reggio Calabria (Southern Italy).She took classical and electric guitar lessons as well as piano lessons. She then taught herself how to play bass and started performing around the country and recording for various local artists. She then moved to the US where she earned a degree from Berklee College of Music with a double major in Contemporary Writing and Production and Electric Bass Performance. She established herself as a multi-genre composer and arranger, working for nationally and internationally acclaimed TV networks around the world (Discovery Channel, NHK Japan),impactful independent Films and world-class composers (Geoff Zanelli).


Greg McCandless

Greg McCandless is an Associate Professor of Music Theory at Appalachian State University. He holds degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill (BM) and Florida State University (MM, PhD). His original music has been featured in broadcasts by CBS, CBS Sports, ESPNU, and the NFL Network. In addition to teaching and composing library music, Greg has also co-authored a textbook with Danny McIntyre, The Craft of Contemporary Commercial Music (Routledge 2017), and he is also an artist/endorser of Remic Microphones.


Gregory Osborne

Gregory Osborne graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2019 with a focus on Video Game Audio Implementation and Virtual Reality. He specializes in creating dance-interactive audiovisual systems that allow the user to be an integral part of the sound experience through dancing, gestures, and otherwise moving the body. He took the opportunity of being laid off during the 2020 lockdowns to finish a couple of projects, Rave Gazebo and Oversaturated, now available on SideQuest for the Oculus Quest. He’s now focusing on pushing the boundaries of this new genre of immersive content, both within the headset and as a way to improve live performances through gestural tools and audience participation.

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Andrew Paolini

Primarily a drummer, Andrew Paolini started out his music career started in high school playing in multiple bands and producing his own electronic music. After a few years touring behind the kit with progressive rock bands Comma and People Skills, Paolini decided to attend Berklee College of Music to study contemporary writing and production. During his time at Berklee, Paolini played gigs regularly, toured with indie-pop band The Q-Tip Bandits across the U.S. and Europe, and developed his electronic solo project, Pao. Combining his diverse musical background with a passion for electronic music production, orchestral writing, and jazz arranging, Andrew Paolini now works as a freelance composer/producer, writing music in various styles for television shows and advertisements.


Renato Rulli

Renato is a composer/producer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Coming from a rock background, he graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2020 with Magnum cum Laude. Renato is enthusiast about all kinds of music, having explored genres like 60’s Jazz to Contemporary Pop. Through this multiple background and experience, Renato has been seeking development and more in-depth work in Film, Games and Advertisement.

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Steve Wheeler

Blessed with crazy hair and an even crazier ear, Steve is a seasoned media composer with major credits in television, film, and video games. Unsettling, uplifting, triumphant, or just plain rocking: Steve's music reflects his love of different genres and production styles. An ASCAP Foundation Henry Mancini Fellow and an expert in the subtle art of making instant ramen, Steve spends his free time hanging out with his wife Grace and dreaming of owning a corgi.

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Gabriela Weitzenfeld

Gabriela Weitzenfeld was born in Mexico City and began playing music when she was just 6 years old, starting out with classical piano and then throughout the years learning drums, percussion, guitar, bass and vocals. In 2020, Gabriela graduated from Berklee College of Music as Summa Cum Laude with a double major in Music Business Management and Contemporary Writing and Production. She now works both in the business side, working at a music marketing agency, and on the creative side, as a songwriter and producer. She has her own company, Gabs Entertainment, where she provides companies and local businesses musical services to help advertise, promote or enhance their products and/or services. She has worked with companies both domestically as well as internationally including 1-800-ASK-GARY, Nisato, Synfiny, Por Salud and more. In addition to this, Gabriela has a publishing company & songwriter collective where she writes, produces and pitches songs to different artists.  In the past she has worked with artists like Danny Ocean, Juan Vegas, Nibal, Flight, Malcriado and many more.