About Droid Mafia

Droid Mafia is an electronic music label that aims to musically represent the Sci-Fi, gaming, comic book, fantasy, and anime communities by releasing music designed to inspire imagination, and experimentation. We work with artists who are eager to try new things and push the envelope of production quality and story-telling through the

wide-ranging genre of EDM. 


“EXIST” by Shattered Memories

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Musical Roster

Shattered Memories

(Jonathan Hatton and Alex Suggs)

"Exist" EP, now streaming on all platforms!

Danny McIntyre

"Sentient Dawn", EP, now streaming on all platforms!


Screenshot 2020-02-06 13.16.16.png

Greg Osborne

Coming in July, 2020

(Single releases June, 2020)


Takuma Matsui

Coming in September, 2020

(Single releases in August, 2020)


Lulu Chen

Coming in November, 2020

(Single releases in October, 2020)


Gideon Su

Coming in January, 2021

(Single releases in December, 2020)



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